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Activity Carpets

Play & Learn Carpets are produced in distinctive bright and vibrant colours with child friendly designs, ideal for classrooms and curriculum activity. Designed to encourage learning through interaction and play. Carpets are high quality and heavy duty tufted pile with soft texture finish with a non crease and a non-slip back. Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying with a stain-resistant coating and washable. Meet all relevant safety standards. Ideal for primary schools and nurseries.

100 Square Counting Grid Carpet (1)

Numeracy & Maths Carpets

from £37.50 each

Square Alphabet Carpet

Alphabet Carpets

from £61.50 each

Children of The World Carpets

from £70.50 each

Back to Nature Bugs Corner Placement Carpet (2)

Back to Nature Carpets

from £78.50 each

Colour Tubes Carpet (3)

Colours Tube Carpet

from £78.50 each

Seasons Carpet.

Seasons & Weather Carpet

from £119.50 each

Zoo Animal Square Placement Carpet (1) Emotions Carpet Circular (1)

Emotions Carpets

from £155.00 each

Rainbow Circles Placement Carpet (5)

Rainbow Placement Carpets

from £159.00 each

Under The Sea Placement Carpet Rectangular  (3)

Under the Sea Carpets

from £159.50 each

Primary World Explorer Carpet (2)

World Explorer Carpet

from £159.50 each

Children of The World Carpet (1)

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, Town & Country Road Carpets

Town & Country Road Carpets

from £70.50 each

Colour Palette Carpet (1)

Colour Palette Carpet

from £155.00 each

Fruit Placement Carpet

Fruit Placement Carpet

from £255.50 each