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All In One Learning Disc Set

This comprehensive learning disc set has 3 sets of interactive play and learning materials designed to teach children about multiple concepts. There are 3 learning manuals included (20, 24, 48 pages) with lots of different activities.

Activity Set 1

Children can engage in learning about clocks (daily routines, hours, minutes, long hand and short hand, Montessori, exercise cards, magnetic numbers and more).

Activity Set 2

Children can engage in activities involving 1, 2 or 3 pointers (observation, body movements, copy the exercise, facial expressions, spatial awareness, bigger or smaller, taller or shorter, basic addition, colour matching, modes of transport and much more)

Activity Set 3

Children can use geo blocks to learn about matching colours and shapes (animals, insects, transport, plants, food).


All in all a great interactive learning station for children aged 3+. Supplied flat packed for simple and quick assembly. The stand has a storage pocket for keeping all materials neatly stored and ready to access.


All In One Learning Disc Set


Product Code: 11895


Price: £105.00