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Alphabet Carpets

Specifically designed alphabet activity carpets for Key Stage 1 Literacy. Linked to National Curriculum with relevant word and picture associations. Clearly identifiable Infant Sassoon font in upper and lower case.

• Non crease with a non-slip back

• Meets all relevant UK safety standards

• Stain-resistant coating and washable

• Tightly Bound edges to prevent fraying

Rainbow Alphabet Carpet (1)

Rainbow Alphabet Carpet

from £59.00 each

Alphabet Mini Placement Carpets

Alphabet Mini Placements

from £136.00 each

Square Alphabet Carpet

Square Alphabet Carpet

from £154.00 each

Alphabet Carpet

Alphabet Carpet

from £178.50 each

Rainbow ABC Rectangle Carpet (1)

Rainbow ABC Rectangle Carpet

from £195.50 each

Rainbow Oval Pencils Alphabet Carpet

Pencils Alphabet Carpet

from £195.50 each