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Solid Beechwood Classroom Chairs

Our range of solid beechwood stackable classroom chairs are made from the finest European solid beechwood. All items are CE marked and therefore meet health, safety and environmental standards. Sizes conform to EN1729 requirements.  Available in one of 4 options – natural beechwood, red, blue or a mixed pack (1 each red/blue/yellow/green).


Solid Beechwood Stackable Classroom Chairs

(Pack of 4)


Code: STCH


Size 1: SH 260mm (Age 3-4 years)

Price: £122.00 (Pack of 4 Chairs)


Size 2: SH 310mm (Age 4-6 years)

Price: £126.50 (Pack of 4 Chairs)


Size 3: SH 350mm (Age 6 - 8 years)

Price: £142.50 (Pack of 4 Chairs)