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BS Chairs


BS Chairs


Code: BSA - Size 1 SH 260mm 3-4 years

£17.25 each


Code: BSB - Size 2 SH 310mm 4-6 years

£17.75 each


Code: BSC - Size 3 SH 350mm 6-8 years

£20.00 each


Code: BSD - Size 4 SH 380mm 8-11 years

£20.00 each


Code: BSE - Size 5 SH 430mm 11-14 years

£24.00 each


Code: BSF - Size 6 SH 460mm 14 - Adult

£24.00 each


(Minimum order quantity 6 chairs)

The BS school classroom chair or nursery chair is hard working, hard wearing retro classic has been brought bang up to date with a classy new frame. In tough classroom environments these chairs are hard to beat. With a strong steel frame that supports both seat and back, the BS stands up to the rigorous activity of classroom life. The two piece seat construction allows for easy cleaning and provides good lumbar back support. The BS Chair is suitable for use in lecture rooms at sixth form college and university. EN1729 compliant. 5 Year Warranty.

Frame Colour Options: Black, Light Grey, Metallic Charcoal and Duraform Speckled Light Grey

NB: BS Classroom Chairs may be subject to a small delivery charge. PLease check at the time of placing your order.

Seat Colour Options:

 Yellow             Blue            Charcoal         Purple             Red              Tangy            Green           Orange            Lilac              Soft

                                                                                                                       Green                                                                                   Blue