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City Sensory Walls

City Sensory Walls (Set of 2)


Suitable for children aged 1-5 years



H 1190 x W1350mm (Wall 1)

H 1020 x W1540mm (Wall 2)


Product Code: 100931


Price: £348.50 (Set of 2)

This set of two city sensory walls allows you to create a unique play area attached to your classroom wall. Full of fantastic sensory play value – children can explore touch, sounds, mirrors, moving parts, different textures (rough/smooth), sensory bags, fastening/unfastening, and much more. Made from birch plywood. Can be attached to wall as a corner unit or as one long straight run as preferred. Wall fixings supplied.


Play Mat for Sensory Wall (Set of 2)


A soft foam filled play mat for sensory wall – made from pvc with a grass shaped rim made from cotton.



H50 x W1330 x D500mm


Product Code: 101243


Price £120.50 (Set of 2)