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Fruit Placement Carpets

Fruit Runner Placement Carpet


Size: 3000mm x 1000mm

Code: MAT1178

£85.00 each


Highly colourful square placement carpets features fruit themed images. Great for teaching or just a bright addition to the classroom or nursery environment. Distinctive and brightly coloured, child friendly designs. Designed to encourage learning through interaction and play. Recommended for classrooms and soft reading/play areas.

•Crease resistant with unique Rhombus anti-skid Dura-Latex safety backing.

•Abrasion resistant, laboratory rub tested to heavy duty standards.

•Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying.

•Nylon twist soft textured finish.

•Meets all relevant safety standards.

•Depth - Heavy Duty Tuf-Pile

Fruit Runner Placement Carpet,

Fruit Mini Placement Carpets with holdall

(Pack of 32)


Size: 400mm x 400mm each

Code: BN2130

£144.50 each pack of 32 including holdall


Fruit Mini Placement Carpets with holdall

Fruit Square Placement Carpet

(features 16 placement spots)


Size: 2000mm x 2000mm

Code: MAT1173

£144.50 each


Fruit Square Placement Carpet.

Fruit Rectangular Placement Carpet

(features 24 placement spots)


Size: 3000mm x 2000mm

Code: MAT1172

£195.50 each


Fruit Rectangular Placement Carpet

Fruit Large Square Placement Carpet

(features 30 placement spots)


Size: 3000mm x 3000mm

Code: MAT1171

£255.50 each


Fruit Large Square Placament Carpet