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Jewel Tables

Jewel Tables

Equation Jewel Tables

1440 x 866mm (individual table)


Size 1 460mm 3-4 years

Size 2 530mm 4-6 years

Size 3 590mm 6-8 years

Size 4 640mm 8-11 years

Size 5 710mm 11-14 years

Size 6 760mm 14-adult


£152.50  each  


Price based on 2+ Tables

Introducing our fantastic Jewel Classroom Tables! This stylish new modular design is extremely versatile, providing working space for large groups of students when placed in numerous shape combinations. The Jewel Table has a stylish 32 mm round tube frame with a robust 25 mm top. This table really does offer ultimate versatility with endless shape combinations. Three tables together create a hexagonal shape to seat 6 people. Each table is individually sold and is 1440mm x 866mm. When 3 tables are put together to create a hexagonal shape this creates a diameter of 1500mm.

Top Colour Options:

    Soft            Orange           Canary         Tangy          Summer           Lilac              Purple          Beech              Soft              White             Grey

    Blue            Flame             Yellow          Green             Blue                                                                                     Lime                                   Speckle      

Frame Colour Options: Metallic Charcoal, Light Grey, Silver and Duraform Speckled Light Grey

Edge Options:

Duraform PU edge colours available in Blue, Red, Green, Charcoal and Light Grey

Duraform PU Edge

NB:  Tables may be subject to a small delivery charge. Please check at the time of placing your order.