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Kindergarten Corner Complete Set

Kindergarten Corner Complete Set


Suitable for children aged 2-6 years


Set includes:

Item Code 100909 wall ties  x2

Item Code 100910 entrance

Item Code 100911 tapestry

Item Code 100912 fence

Item Code 100913 shapes

Item Code 100914 abacus

Item Code 100915 maze

Each panel H620 x W870 x D240mm

Door panel H1060 x W1000 x D240mm


Product Code:    KINDERSET


Price: £641.00 Complete Set

This set of linking classroom dividers is made from birch plywood. Each panel offers different types of activity for children – mazes, moveable safety glass, abacus, tapestry. Children develop sensory and manipulative skills. Create a fun play/corner area by joining the 6 panels and fix each end to the wall to ensure stability.