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Motor Skills

A selection of products to encourage children with early years motor skills, balance training, movement exercises and group play.

Build N’ Balance Course Set....

Build and Balance Course 

from £16.00

River Balancing Landscape River Stones

River Stepping Stones 

from £35.50

We Play Follow The Route.. Team Walkers

Team Walkers

from £58.50

Follow The Route

from £54.00


Floor Surfer 

from £64.50

MINI STILTS.. we play pedal walker.

Pedal Walkers

from £74.00

Mini Stilts

from £66.50


Hill Tops 

from £76.00

We Play Tactile Path Rainbow River Stones

Rainbow River Stones

from £97.00

Tactile Path

from £78.50

Balance Stepping Clouds...

Balance Stepping Clouds 

from £107.00

Wavy Tactile Path Blue Tactile Path Straight

Sensory Rung Way

from £136.00

Wavy Tactile Path

from £134,00

We Play School Set 25 Balls

School Set (25 Play Balls) 

from £144.00

Baby Trampoline We Play Twin Walker.,,,

Twin Walkers

from £184.00


from £154.00

We Play Motor Skills Universal Set... We Play Balance Arch

Balance Arches

from £196.00

We Play Water Lily Set

Water Lily Set

from £312.00

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