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Pastel Role Play Kitchen

A high quality range of solid wooden role play kitchen units complimented with pastel highlights. The range of units are designed to be long lasting and are ideal for group role-play. All units are designed for durability using European plywood (FSC).  Designed with sturdy silver handles, clicking turnable knobs. Each unit is supplied flat-packed with simple assembly instructions.  Suitable Age: 3+ years.

C5232-Complete Kitchen Set Pastel Microwave

Pastel Microwave

Size: 33.3 x 22.1 x 20cms


Product Code: C5276

Price: £50.50

C5226 - Fridge Unit.

Pastel Fridge Unit

Size: 39.5 x 41.6 x 52cms


Product Code: C5226

Price: £116.00

C5227 - Sink Unit

Pastel Sink Unit

Size: 39.5 x 39.5 x 64.5cms


Product Code: C5227

Price: £116.00

C5228 - Cooker Unit

Pastel Cooker Unit

Size: 39.5 x 41.6 x 54cms


Product Code: C5228

Price: £116.00

C5229 - Cupboard Unit

Pastel Cupboard Unit

Size: 39.5 x 39.5 x 52cms


Product Code: C5229

Price: £116.00

C5230 - Washing Machine

Pastel Washing Machine

Size: 39.5 x 40 x 52cms


Product Code: C5230

Price: £116.00

Pastel Corner Unit

Pastel Corner Unit

Size: 55 x 31.7 x 52cms


Product Code: C5275

Price: £76.00

C5232 Complete Kitchen Set-03

Complete Pastel Kitchen Set


C5276 – Microwave

C5226 – Fridge Unit

C5227 – Sink Unit

C5228 – Cooker Unit

C5229 – Cupboard Unit

C5230 – Washing Machine

C5275 - Corner Unit


Product Code: C5232

Price: £685.50