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Play Road Signs


Traffic Signs (3 Signs + 5 Stickers)

Make a full stop, do not overtake, pedestrian crossing, parking space etc. They are all here. A set of  fun educational traffic signs and  adhesive stickers.


Code: 19251

Price: £31.50


Traffic Signs (6 Signs +  4 Stickers)

Set of 6 traffic signs with traditional stickers for no overtaking/no parking, danger spots/oncoming traffic and stop.


Code: 19253

Price: £51.00

Keep it Safe! Traffic Signs

Our child-friendly Keep it Safe Traffic Signs are made of rugged, all-weather plastic, so they’re the perfect addition to any roadway—indoors or out! The easy-to-read signs are lightweight and a cinch to set up…you can even fill the bases with sand or water to keep them extra-stable. Set of 6 each is approximately 31" tall. Easy assembly.


Code: C1530


Price: £109.50


Square Square

Pretend Play Traffic Light

Pretend Play Traffic light with a display for cars and pedestrians. It can be operated automatically or manually. Fun and innovative, high quality and durable.

Batteries not included.

Requires 3xAA, R6 batteries


Price: £40.00


Mini Traffic Cones (Pack of 4)

Traditional design made from very sturdy plastic.


Price: £26.00 (Pack of 4)