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Semi Circular Tables

Semi Circular classroom tables conform to EN1729  Parts 1 and  Part 2 for strength and stability. Available in a selection of Top colours (shown below) with choice of MDF, PVC or Duraform PU edge. Frames available in Black, Grey or Charcoal with a choice of fully welded spiral stacking or crushbent nesting.  Manufacturers 5 year warranty.


Semi Circular Table

Heights Available: 460mm (3-4 years), 530mm (4-6 years), 590mm (6-8 years), 640mm (8-11 years), 710mm (11-14 years), 760mm (14+ years)


MDF Edge

1100 x 550mm Code: SQSS-11SC-MD £47.50 each

1200 x 600mm Code: SQSS-12SC-MD £47.50 each


PVC Edge

1100 x 550mm Code: SCTRP £48.50 each

1200 x 600mm Code: SCT12 £48.50 each


Duraform PU Edge

1100 x 550mm Code: SQSS-11SC-PS £59.00 each

1200 x 600mm Code: SQSS-12SC-PS £59.00 each


Prices based on 2 off + Tables

Top Colours with PVC Edge Option:

     Blue              Green             Red             Yellow            Beech        Light Grey         Oak              Maple         Dark Grey

Table Edge Options:

PVC edge available colours in Grey, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Brown

Duraform PU Edge available in Blue, Red, Green,  Charcoal and Light Grey

PVC Edge   MDF Edge   Duraform

                                            PU Edge

NB:  Tables are subject to a delivery charge of £35.00 for orders placed under the value of £125.00

Top Colours with MDF or Duraform PU Edge Option:

   Blue              Green              Red             Yellow           Beech        Light Grey         Oak              Maple            White             Ailsa

Frame Colour Options:

PVC Edge table available frame colours either Light Grey, Black, Textured Silver, Dark Grey, Charcoal, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White

MDF and Duraform PU Edge table available frame colours either Duraform Speckled Light Grey, Black, Light Grey or Metallic Charcoal