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Town & Country Road Carpets

Town & Country Road Carpets (Set of 4)


Size: 1000mm x 1000mmm each

Code: MAT1049

£68.00 each


A set of 4 road map carpets to cover the town, a village, country farm and airport. Designed to be placed in any combination next to each other. Scaled for most model vehicles, the roads line up to make one large network.

•Crease resistant with unique Rhombus anti-skid Dura-Latex safety backing.

•Abrasion resistant, laboratory rub tested to heavy duty standards.

•Tightly bound edges to prevent fraying.

•Nylon twist soft textured finish.

•Meets all relevant safety standards.

•Depth - Heavy Duty Tuf-Pile

Town & Country Road Carpets