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Tray Storage Units

Classroom storage units available in a variety of styles and designs. Suitable for the most demanding of educational environments and are an ideal solution for cloakrooms, classrooms and libraries. Delivered fully assembled and complete with trays in a choice of bright and vibrant colours.

PE Storage Trolley

Sports Equipment Storage

from £61.00 each

Classroom Tray Storage

Shallow Tray Storage

from £67.50 each


Tilt Bin Storage

from £62.00 each

Pop Tray Storage

Pop Range Tray Storage

from £78.50 each

Coloured Edge Storage Units

Coloured Edge Range

from £91.00 each

Cubby Range Tray Storage

Cubby Tray Storage

from £102.50 each

Bubblegum Classroom Storage

Bubblegum Storage Range

from £112.50 each

12 Deep Strata  Tray Unit

Strata Storage Range

from £127.00 each

Musical Instruments Trolley

Musical Instrument Storage

from £152.50 each

Allsorts Classroom Tray Storage

Allsorts Stackable Storage

from £152.50 each

Tray Storage Unit with Sliding Doors (3)

Combination Storage

from £154.00 each

Multi Purpose Storage Carts

Multi Purpose Carts

from £152.50 each

Really Useful Box Range Storage

Really Useful Box Storage

from £182.50 each

Canvas Storage Range

Canvas Storage Range

from £182.50 each

White Tray Storage Units

White Range Storage

from £192.50 each

Variety Tray Storage Unit - 16 Trays

Variety Tray Storage

from £182.00 each

Jumbo Tray Storage - 12 Trays

Jumbo Tray Storage

from £202.50 each

Cupboard Tray Storage Units

Cupboard Range

from £332.50 each

Tuf Art Trolley

Classsroom Art Storage 

from £44.50 each

Mobile Lunchbox Trolleys

from £76.50 each

Tuf Double Lunchbox Trolley

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, Tuf2 Classroom Cloakroom Trolley

Cloakroom Storage

from £20.50