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Vowel Teaching Tubs

Children learn and reinforce both long and short vowel sounds as they sort and explore the objects. Each vowel teaching tub has 6 miniatures for one of the major vowel sounds. Includes 10 plastic tubs with lids, labels, 60 assorted miniatures and teachers guide.


Vowel Teaching Tubs

Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5cms each tub

Age 4 Years +


Code: C1441


Price: £102.50 (set of 10 Tubs)



Teaching Tubs Storage Rack

Keep the teaching tubs neat, tidy and organised with this handy storage rack. The lightweight metal rack has a built in carrying handle and will fit up to 30 teaching tubs perfectly either with the lids on or off.


Code: C1449


Price: £49.50