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Winther Mini Viking Trikes

Mini Viking Trikes are Ideally suited to the play needs of younger chidren aged 1-4 years old. A comprehensive range which helps children develop their physical, balance and role play skills and much more. Maximum safety built into design. Impact proof powder coating. Complies with all environmental and safety standards. 3 year warranty on frames and forks.


Low Mini Viking Tricycle

Developing children's motor skills should be fun. This is a good quality tricycle that provides children as young as 1 year old with lots of fun.


Suitable for ages 1-4

Code: 41420

Price: £76.00


Mini Viking Tricycle

This is a classic children's tricycle. This model has a foot plate with an adjustable seat. Many hours of playing await the child with this tricycle. Attach a trailer for even more fun. (Shown below)


Suitable for ages 2-4

Code: 44220

Price: £80.00



Mini Viking Trailer

A new trailer is an extra feature for tricycle Code: 41420 and Code: 44220 which adds further play value. Children love to transport sand or toys. Simple and easy coupling.


Code: 43720

Price: £55.00





Tricycle with Tray

Popular tricycle with fixed tray. Can be used for both goods and child transport.


Code: 44720

Price: £94.50 

Square Square

Mini Viking Pushbike for One Child

Push bike with double front wheels that provides extra support during the development and training of children's balance skills. Suitable for the very young. Propelled forward using the feet.


Suitable for ages 1-3

Code: 43120

Price: £76.00

Mini Viking Pushbike for Two Children

Push bike without pedals and with a passenger seat that encourages children's role-playing. The double front wheels make it easy to maintain balance. Equipped with a bar so the passenger can hold on during the ride.


Suitable for ages 1-3

Code: 43220

Price: £94.00

Square Square

Mini Viking Pushbike for Three Children

Push bike with double front wheels that seat three children. Ideal for role-playing.


Suitable for ages 1-3

Code: 43920

Price: £104.50

Mini Viking Racing Scooter

The toddler’s first racer. Small in size but built to withstand tough treatment. Anatomic designed seat to ensure maximum comfort. Solid wheels. Very sturdy scooter.


Code: 43820

Price: £80.50