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Winther Pretend Play Trikes

Pretend Play Kiddie Trikes are designed to stimulate movement, play and development. A comprehensive range for physical and mental growth, motor skills, role play, team work, balance and co-ordination and much more. Maximum safety built into design. 3 year warranty on frames and forks. Impact proof powder coating. Complies with all environmental and safety standards. Suitable for ages 2-8 years


Police Kiddie Trike

All the bad guys better watch out. The police are here. This cool trike quickly becomes the natural centre for social activities on the playground.


Dimensions: H620mm x W520mm x D1030mm


Product Code: 56200

Price: £255.00


Fire Kiddie Trike

Most children imagine growing up and becoming a fireman. This truck enables their imagination to be set free. Very stimulating and engaging vehicle on the playground.


Dimensions: H620mm x W520mm X D1030mm


Product Code: 56300

Price: £255.00


Ambulance Kiddie Trike

Emergency situations with happy endings are typical role-play situations for the children. Endless fun for budding playground medics.


Dimensions: H620mm x W520mm x D1030mm


Product Code: 56400

Price: £255.00




Square Square

School Bus Kiddie Trike

Hurry you don’t want to miss the bus - watch children play and use their imagination as they visit the shops or go down to the beach. Excellent play value and helps develop motor and social skills.


Dimensions: H610mm x W590mm x D1010mm


Product Code: 56500

Price: £255.00

Taxi Kiddie Trike

A taxi is lots of fun and provides many great play ideas. The children love the role-playing bringing extra features and imagination into games with their friends.


Dimensions: H600 x W630 x D1100mm


Product Code: 55400

Price: £209.00